Thursday, March 26, 2015

The News for Today

The Meteorological Department


I think the weather has been like a see-saw. When it gets hotter in the Pacific Southwest, it gets colder in the Northeast and all the rain and snow slide to there leaving us dry, dry, dry.

The New Acquisitions Department

Rosa First Prize, rose-pink with an ivory pink reverse, withstood today's extreme heat perfectly well

Rosa Belinda's Dream, looking a little ragged from the heat

Rosa All American Magic, what a surprise I happened upon at the nursery today, only the buds look a little peaked, otherwise holding up well; I think the coloring, red and gold turning to pink and cream, is magical

The Animal Farm

Happy fish; a big, heavy clay pot; what should he be eating or spewing forth? any ideas?

Cotyledon campanulata, sometimes called octopus cotyledon

Cotyledon orbiculata 'Elk Horns', love, love, love the blue gray color on this plant as well as the irregular leaf shape

The Opinion Desk
(added Fri Mar 27, 10:43 am)

After reading On Lady Bird Johnson, Beauty, and Tulips v. Daffodils by Susan Harris in Garden Rant

1. What is wrong with Lady Bird's "focus on the aesthetic — pretty flowers?"

2. "The desire for beauty in our yards is under attack these days." Why is this?  Who says?

3.  "Would mums, annuals or roses be used today?" Why not? They're are just as pretty as ever, if not more so.

Pam Penick at Digging has some beautiful posts about the Wildflower Center. This is the latest one:
Gorgeous weeds and walls at the Wildflower Center

It is a beautiful and innovative garden. I'd go for a walk there anytime, but I'll make do with Pam's admirable posts about it.

What is it with these media people? Who is gaining money out of stuff like this? I did take some of these statements out of context, but why were they remarkable at all?  The original article quoted in the rant is much better.